Hunch wants to support associations, which is why on every t-shirt sold, 1€ will be given to an association chosen by Hunch founders. We will choose the associations we help based on their purpose. We want to promote and help the culture of the countries where we travel to in order to get our pocket’s fabric. Culture is the key enabling you to relate. During our travels, we were able to face different cultures and learn a lot of new things. Sharing this experience by providing a cultural heritage and a true identity immediately has been our motivation.




«Alumnos del Peru» is the first association we chose to help. Created in the 2000sands’, their purpose is to help the suburbs’ children without education of Lima and Altiplano. This association is not only working for the academic training of the kids, but also for their well-being. Indeed, «Alumnos del Peru» works every day in teaching them ethics and solidarity. Knowing where the student comes from is therefore really important. When you know where you come from, you know where you go! For more info on this association, please take a look at their website and make a donation, if you feel like it.

"Mekong Plus" is the second association we have chosen to help. Created in 1994 by Robert Eberhardt and Bernard Kervyn. Their challenges are numerous and all of them bear a major stake for sustainable development in the remote regions of the edges of the Mekong Delta. Whether it is agriculture, education, employment, small infrastructure or health, Mékong Plus acts with the help of all, so that this development is theirs, that everyone is a player in the project. Indeed, "Mekong Plus" works every day to train and support motivated and committed Khmer and Vietnamese people for community development in disadvantaged rural areas. For more info on this association, please take a look at their website and make a donation, if you feel like it.


"Mojoca" is the third association we have chosen to help. Everything started in 1993, Gerard Lutte decides to create a movement that aims to offer a better future for children on the street through awareness sessions, professional training and education. The goal is to help these young people in developing their freedom, shaping their future and choosing their own life path. For more information on this association, feel free to take a look at their website and make a donation if you like it.