To make our t-shirts, we wanted to create limited edition t-shirts. That is why every time we’re choosing a fabric, we selected only a limited meter at a time. The t-shirts will therefore only be available for limited copies with the selected fabric. Every t-shirt is stitched and printed in Belgium. 🇧🇪 We are working in close collaboration with the sewing workshop Atelier de Couture Mulieris in Brussels. Mulieris seeks to enable women and men to reintegrate into society through sewing and through the promotion of fashion design in Brussels.

We use organic & recycled materials.🌱 We want to be environmentally responsible and aim for zero waste, which is why we carefully select where we source our core materials. Our t-shirt are made of organic textile respectful of the working conditions (fair wear 🤝 ). Our box comes from recycled product and is optimized for transport and our packaging.📦