Our story

We are Simon & Arnaud, old friends and creators of Hunch. Here is our story!

The idea of the Hunch brand sprang up during a trip to South America.

We are two young people who have known each other for many years and shared many great moments together (Happy Hours, fishing, traveling, roommates…).
Simon graduated as a graphic designer and Arnaud obtained a business degree.
The combination of these two studies allow us to be complementary in the realisation of our project.

After our studies, being two travellers at heart, we decided to travel to South America for a few months.

Throughout our trip, we were so amazed by the beauty of the culture that we wondered how we could take a part of our journey back home. The reflection began, the ideas sparkled and a few weeks later……….. the concept was born!!

It was essential for us to respect and act according to our values. Therefore, we decided that our brand should be 100% responsible & ethical, eco-designed, and give back to the cultures by supporting an association active in the country of origin of the fabrics.

Hunch represents the spirit of two Belgian friends in constant search of adventure and discovery. It is a young, dynamic brand eager to minimise its global impact and to promote the diversity of local cultures.

Trust your Hunch, everything is in the Pocket 🤙